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Have you ever dreamed of mowing the lawn, standing with your feet up on a padded chair and drinking your favorite drink? Robotic lawn mowers have entered the consumer mainstream by offering several benefits, including better lawn appearance and saving time so you can complete another home improvement project.

Here’s what consumers should look for when shopping for the right robotic lawnmower:

lawn size

Each robotic mower has a maximum area that it can mow precisely and efficiently. Homeowners can follow this simple rule: the bigger your lawn, the bigger the robotic mower you should buy.

mower weight

The same weight issues that owners must consider for other types of lawn mowers apply to robotic lawn mowers. Heavy-duty lawn mowers leave streaks on the grass, especially on grass with wet topsoil. Consider buying a lightweight robotic lawn mower, but if you have a hilly lawn, a heavier model will work better for going up and down hills.

Noise level

Homeowners often program robotic lawn mowers to determine when to mow the lawn. If you want to mow your lawn at night, you need to find a robotic lawn mower that makes little or no noise. High-quality robotic lawn mowers should be quiet enough not to wake sleeping neighbors.

blade type

Owners have two types of blade options: fixed or rotary. More capable robotic lawn mowers use a rotating blade to move the mower when it encounters a large, heavy object. A robotic lawnmower that operates with a fixed blade tends to get stuck on a large, heavy object, defeating the purpose of buying a self-propelled lawnmower.

anti-theft mechanism

The immense popularity of robotic lawn mowers has created a fertile market for thieves. Just consider buying a robotic lawnmower that comes with an alarm and additional anti-theft mechanisms like GPS sensors and PIN code access.

Form and complexity of the garden.

While size matters when deciding to buy a robotic lawnmower, the shape and complexity of your lawn’s landscape also play a role in the type of robotic lawnmower you buy. If your lawn has narrow passages and several different shapes, consider adding a small robotic lawn mower to your lawn care inventory.

The prices of robotic lawn mowers are generally higher than those of conventional lawn mowers. However, the many benefits of owning a robotic lawn mower far outweigh the cost.

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