Solar table lamp buying guide

solar table lamp

More and more people are encouraged to protect the environment and the planet they live on because they know it won’t last forever at the rate we are destroying it. Therefore, they start using eco-friendly alternatives such as a solar table lamp.

If you also want take advantage of the sunlight and thus not have a heart attack every time you see the electricity bill, why not take a look at this guide where we show you the best on the market and how to buy one?


Top 1. Best Solar Table Lamp


  • Weather resistant.
  • back design
  • Waterproof.

The inconvenients

  • Although they are said to be solar powered, they are battery operated.
  • The batteries run out quickly.
  • They do not give light, only at a decorative level.

Selection of solar table lamps

If that first option isn’t what you need or isn’t right for you, don’t worry, we kept seeing some of the solar powered table lamps on Amazon and these caught our eye:

Moonori Lazespark – Solar Garden and Table Lamp

On the inside It has a string of solar lights. In this way, in the morning it recharges from sunlight and in the evening it turns on automatically.

It doesn’t need batteries or wiring and can last up to 8 hours in the summer.

Lights4fun Rattan Effect Solar Panel LED Lantern Set

They are two outdoor table lanterns which, although they have solar panels, They need two batteries to operate. The leds flash as if it were a flame, simulating that there is a candle inside this lantern.

Blue Gadgy ® Solar Table Lamp Set

These are two solar lanterns that they charge and glow automatically. According to the seller, the lanterns shine in the summer until 8 am.

Of course, the type of light will be decorative and in blue tones. Moreover, it needs a battery to work.

Solar garden and table lamp Frostfire Lazesol

It is made of steel and plastic. Its operation is simple: during the day it recharges so that at night, when it notices a lack of light, it activates.

It’s waterproof and sleek, but only provides decorative light.

Sotec Brilliant 102066 Solar Table Lamp

This is a multicolored glass table lamp that when turned on casts a very beautiful decorative light. However, as in all previous the light is not enough to “see” but you need to combine it with other lights.

Solar table lamp buying guide

Sunlight, especially if you live in an area where it’s usual for there to be light most of the year, is an environmentally friendly source of energy and you could say it’s free (although it’s there is a solar tax that few know about). The thing is, buying items that don’t need to draw electricity is much greener and more helpful to the planet.

But, How to buy a solar table lamp if you don’t know exactly what to look for? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the keys so you won’t have any trouble getting the best ones. Dark?


Let’s start with the size. If you want a solar light that lasts several hours, you can’t go for a small one, as these have a solar panel commensurate with their size, and will only last a few hours (the longest).

If you’re going to put it on a table and want it to last, you’ll want to get one that’s the right size for the table and also has a battery so you can light up the whole table without problem.


Next comes the color. And luckily at this point you can find multi-colored solar lightseven some that let you change colors to match your decor.

Of course, they can be a little more expensive than the usual ones because they are white, black or even transparent.


As for the shape, the truth is that in the solar table lamps there are many options, because you won’t find the typical table lamps but they can go one step further with striking designs and shapescurious or even with animal forms and/or mythological beings.


And we come to the price. After all, this is one of the most important factors because if your budget is low, no matter how much you like a solar table lamp, if it exceeds it, and enough, you will not be able to buy it.

Thus, the prices of solar lamps they oscillate between 10-12 euros and more than 100 euros. It’s quite a wide range, but because it will depend on the design, size, type of solar battery, etc.

Or buy?

buy solar table lamp

All of the above may have put you on the path to finding the best solar powered table lamp. But, as you know, there are many options to choose from. Therefore, we took some time and analyzed what we found in some of the main stores (those most searched on the Internet related to this product). Here’s what we can tell you about each of them.


Our top pick was Amazon and that’s because we’re talking about a huge store. In addition, It has designs and models that are not known because they are not seen in stores, with what attracts the most attention.

It has different prices depending on the type of solar table lamp you want to buy, although we recommend that you do a search later to find out if it is really cheaper to buy on Amazon or if another site is better.


At Bricomart we have not had much success because although it has an outdoor lighting category and several solar options, the truth is that if we close the the search for table lamp options no longer appears.


At Ikea, at least online, we’ve been impossible to find at least one solar table lamp, because everyone who came out was on electricity. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have one, but you may have to inquire or go to a physical store to try your luck and see if there really is one.

Leroy Merlin

In the Garlands and decorative lighting category Leroy Merlin, you have several products that would fit these solar items. But looking specifically for a solar table lamp, the search engine on its website presents us with around 23 products, enough to find among them the one that meets your objectives and needs.

Now that you have the keys to buy a solar table lamp, that you know some of the best-selling models or that they can be adapted to what you are looking for. And, above all, you have analyzed some stores where you can buy this element, do you dare to take the plunge and buy it?

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