The 3 best (real) pneumatic pruners in 2022

pneumatic trimmer

Much more efficient than a classic shear!

For faster pruning with less effort, check out my selection of best pneumatic lawn mowers Of the market !

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Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

lisam pneumatic lawn mowerA powerful and precise cut! The whole point of pneumatic pruning shears is that they reduce the effort required to prune trees and make it possible to avoid excessively violent shocks to the wrist. This Lisam has understood this well since it is equipped with a high-performance piston and a double safety system which ensures the protection of the user. Operation is shock-free and the start lever can be locked to prevent accidental starting. Thus, working on trees is more comfortable, especially since the tool weighs only 550 g. In addition to its lightness, it is also incredibly efficient and very robust: made of a special alloy, it can also be used at any temperature and can therefore also be used in winter. Reliable, it can also be mounted on a telescopic mast to easily prune even large trees, without necessarily having to climb a ladder!

My opinion : Nothing to say, this pneumatic mower is really powerful! Once connected to a compressor (recommended pressure is 8/10 bar), it allows most bypasses to work quickly. Lisam says its cutting capacity is around 30mm, and I will say that is correct. I tried it on fruit trees and some of my hedges that needed trimming and it did its job with great ease. I also appreciated the safety systems that the brand has put in place, this type of tool is still dangerous and must be handled with care. The fact that a telescopic pole is available (up to 2.25 m long) is also a nice detail: it complements this pruner well and guarantees its versatility of use. It therefore has something to interest both professionals and individuals!

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Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bahco pneumatic mowerVineyards, olive trees, fruit trees and ornamental plants, this pneumatic pruner offers a solution for clean and effortless pruning! The Bahco has a high-performance cutting head, in particular thanks to its counter-blade which is equipped with a deep hook. During use, this prevents the branch from slipping to give an accurate result every time. In addition to a spring-return piston, the machine is equipped with a central nut brake system: the spindle button has the ability to release during longer tasks and when the job takes time. Because part of the pruning of trees and plants must sometimes be done during the winter period, a special valve has also been put in place. Thus, it protects the tool against condensation, and therefore it is possible to use it in any season, even in cold weather!

My opinion : If you are looking for a professional quality air pruner, I would recommend the Bahco. It has impressive power and has no problem tackling branches up to 40mm in diameter. The recommended pressure is 10 bar, but it still works great with only 8 bar. If you don’t have an accessory, you will need one as none are included in delivery. But apart from this detail, nothing comes to spoil the general impression. The tool is of good quality, strong enough but light enough to be pleasant to hold, and also offers an excellent grip. Professional quality obviously costs a little more, but to effectively maintain your orchard and the trees on your land, it’s a purchase you won’t regret!

rated 4.5 out of 5

new try

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

newtry pneumatic mowerWhy settle for a conventional mower when a pneumatic model is capable of being 5 times more efficient, reducing the effort required by 95%? With this Newtry, tree pruning has never been easier and faster. Usable on branches up to 25 mm in diameter, it almost completely eliminates pain in the hands and arms that can appear after several hours of work. Especially since it weighs only 700g, so it’s light, and you can also choose it in a version on a pole, which makes it even easier to reach high branches. To avoid dangers during handling and use, a double safety system makes operations safer. Please note that the inlet interface for connecting a compressor is 1/4″, and obviously this compressor needs to be purchased additionally for this tool to work.

My opinion : The Newtry is a pneumatic pruner with a good quality/price ratio! Aunque es un poco menos potente que los 2 anteriores models (puede llegar a cortar más de 25 mm de diametro, pero solo en maderas bastante blandas), es bastante satisfactorio para el uso doméstico, para el maintenance del jardín y los necesarios poda de los fruit trees. It relies heavily on its ease of use and the total lack of effort to provide and that’s right. If you start to have osteoarthritis for example, or are prone to tendinitis, this is a tool that can be very useful to you. Equally successful is its mast version, and it comes in 2 versions (with or without a 1 m extension) to also offer a reasonable price. If you are not managing a large orchard with large trees, this may be a good option!

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