The cultivation of Catalan chicory or asparagus

Catalonia is a region of Spain, but also a vegetable, from the chicory family . Also known as “asparagus radicchio”, it is a head radicchio that is usually eaten cooked.

There are many varieties of catalogna , characterized by elongated head of leaves, straight or toothed margin. A variety that deserves special attention in the garden is the puntarelle chicory. with tender and fleshy sprouts really delicious, a typical vegetable from southern Italy.

As a vegetable, it is characterized by a rather bitter taste cooked catalonia leaves are an excellent accompaniment, while puntarelles are versatile: you can decide to cook them in broth, fry them in a pan or eat them raw in a salad.

Growing in Catalonia is not difficult , even with the biological method if it is well managed it is not a plant plagued by many problems. It is a fairly simple growing salad, which resists well even at fairly low temperatures, in the south it is grown all winter while in colder climates it is harvested just before the winter frosts.

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  • The Catalonia factory

    • Varieties of catalogna and puntarelle

  • Soil and climate for chicory

  • How to sow Catalonia

    • when to sow

    • soil preparation

  • Chicory asparagus cultivation

    • Irrigation

    • weeds and hoes

    • Insects and diseases

  • The Catalonia Collection


Map of Catalonia

Like all chicories, Catalogna is also part of the family composite plants or asteraceae to which practically all salads belong, but also other species, such as artichokes and sunflowers, its scientific name is Cichorium intybus.

This orchard is a biennial species, when grown in the garden the whole head is harvested before flowering, as is the case with many other leafy vegetables.

Catalunya is characterized by a fairly vertical leaf head, with showy white edges. It is also called asparagus chicory because it forms a floral landscape that resembles the bud of asparagus, but the two plants are not related.

Varieties of catalogna and puntarelle

When we talk about chicory from Catalonia, we usually refer to the variety straighter, with a taller and narrower lock , grown for its long, ribbed leaves, which are eaten as a bitter-tasting cooked vegetable. Among these, I point out:

  • Chicory from Brindis or Puglia : Catalogna with long, narrow and smooth leaves.
  • Chicory from Abruzzo : variety with very toothed leaves.
  • Cicorie clio : another toothed catalog
  • Catalog of Chioggia . Toothed Treviso variety.

The variety with a lower head and wider ribs is known as puntarelle chicory or Catalogna puntarelle , as it is grown mainly for the sprouts inside the head, which can also be eaten raw in salads. In some areas it is also called herringbone chicory or roof chicory. Among the varieties of puntarelle:

  • gallant chicory
  • Molfetta’s Note

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