Types Of Lettuce. 14 strains you can grow at home

There are many types of lettuce, but this vegetable is usually referred to as one variety. Lettuce has undoubtedly been one of the most consumed vegetables for at least two thousand years.

types of lettuce

Its ease of cultivation and rapid growth make it ideal for combining in salads or garnishes. In today’s article we will learn 14 varieties of lettuce. And it’s good for us to know which ones exist, not only to know them as “dining rooms”, but also to grow lettuce at home or in the garden.


types of lettuce

Now let’s see which are the most frequent and accessible types of lettuce when choosing the varieties that we can plant in our garden.

Romaine lettuce

It is the typical lettuce that we consume in Spain, with light green and elongated leaves. By cultivating it, we can extract the leaves from the outside to consume them when we need them. It can be planted all year round except during the coldest seasons which are from December to February if you live in an area with a cold climate.

Ecological horticultural seeds - Romaine lettuce long...

Ecological horticultural seeds – Romaine lettuce long…

  • Excellent variety with an upright Roman habit, with a large number of long leaves of about 30 cm. with smooth and wrinkled surface
  • Fast growing, forming a large, long, closed bud that does not require trellising. Good resistance to climbing
  • Method of cultivation: The best time for sowing is in spring and autumn, in the nursery, transplanting into the 30 x 40 cm frame when the plants have 3 or 4 leaves and are well rooted.

pink lollipop

It is a curly and red lettuce originating from Italy. It is a type of lettuce bitter taste, which combines well if you want to vary a little from the traditional romaine lettuce. The best time to plant this variety is in the fall.


It can have smooth or curly leaves. With a spicy flavor and bitter touches, it is planted in winter. Check out our guide for escarole cultivation and our videos.

oak leaf lettuce

This type of lettuce has curly leaves that are colored from green to purple. Its texture is tender and has a sweet taste. The best time to grow it is in spring, from March to June.

French lettuce or trocadero

It is a head lettuce that has thin and long green leaves. It is mainly planted in the spring because that is when it grows best in the garden.

iceberg lettuce

It looks like a closed cabbage but its leaves are green, long and wide. It is called Iceberg for its resistance to cold and it is one of the least nutritious lettuces, even if it is the one usually found in many restaurants, especially fast foods, or to accompany burgers and sandwiches.

Organic Horticultural Seeds - Lettuce Wonder of...

Organic Horticultural Seeds – Lettuce Wonder of…

  • Very hard cabbages which are used in the middle of summer due to their high resistance to climbing. Globe cabbage. Green bush with wavy leaves with vinous pigmentation. Very resistant to…
  • Cultivation method: It can be sown all year round, preferably from March to July, in the nursery, shading it during hot weather.
  • When the seedlings reach proper development and rooting, transplant them into the 30 x 40 cm framework Loose, fertile soil
  • Harvest: Renewing the sowing every 3 to 4 weeks ensures continuous production

head of romaine lettuce

These are mini romaine lettuces because they look very similar. They have very tight, long and curly leaves.

lettuce tatsoi

It is a difficult variety to find on its own, since it is of Asian origin. It usually comes in mixed preparations for salads. It is dark green. It looks a bit like the leaf of the spinach.

varieties of lettuce

Batavian lettuce

It is a lettuce similar to others like the lollo rosa or the French. It has curly light green leaves, although there are other variations of batavia lettuce that can be red.

Red chard lettuce

It is a slow growing lettuce. Its stems can be of different colors such as yellow, purple, pink, violet. Instead, its leaves are bright green.


It is a variety of lettuce from the Mediterranean region with an intense and spicy flavor. May arugula plant throughout the year, and like romaine lettuce, the larger leaves can be picked for consumption. Arugula has long, dark-colored leaves with serrated edges.

types of lettuce


canons can be planted in the fall and spring, it is a lettuce with small rounded dark green leaves. It contains many nutritional properties.

Vegetable Seeds - Mesclum Lettuce - Batlle

Vegetable Seeds – Mesclum Lettuce – Batlle

  • Mixture of romaine lettuce, butter lettuce, curly endive and radicchio. Ideal mix to obtain tender and mixed salads
  • Sowing: Sow in the nursery from January to July. Harvest: From April to October. By staggering the sowing, the harvest can be very prolonged
  • Sowing: from January to April and from August to November. Harvest: from 2/4 months


It is a small lettuce in the shape of a closed cabbage which has red leaves and white nerves, it is very striking. Its leaves have a bitter taste. It is a variety from Italy and when growing it they use the bleaching technique to reduce the bitterness. It can be found in winter.


It is a lettuce that is grown from autumn to spring. It has hard white leaves. Indeed, only the center of the lettuce is used, because it is the part that has a sweet taste.

So far the ideal types of lettuce for the garden. Don’t forget to investigate the blog, as we have many articles and videos devoted to this vegetable, as well as tips for treating the lettuce diseases most common or how to harvest lettuce so they stay fresh longer.

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varieties of lettuce

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