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Wheelbarrows have been around since the 1st century AD. C., supposedly invented by a Chinese inventor named Ko Lu. This prototype was, of course, a wooden device and undoubtedly lacked some of the ergonomic refinements that later designers incorporated into it.

The solution offered by forklifts can be summed up simply: they make the difference between lifting and transporting objects on your property and comfortably moving them in large quantities. The result: happiness. Or so it should be; especially if you manage to find the best wheelbarrow out there. In the last fifty years alone, the materials used in the construction of trucks have evolved enormously. Always looking for the best material to make a durable and easy to handle product, manufacturers compete to make the best trucks. It could even be called a wheelbarrow race! As a result, consumers have a bewildering array of different trucks to choose from.

Wheelbarrow Review: Walsall Wheelbarrows Shire Poly Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow

Don’t get carried away down the garden path when looking for the best wheelbarrow for your money. Depending on your priorities, and especially if the volume is high on your wishlist, you might get lucky with this one. This is a 90 liter wheelbarrow with a strong looking polypropylene deep tank.

The company is proud of its slogan “Made in Great Britain”. Taking advantage of being on the economy side of the spectrum, this colorful model’s lightweight frame, less than 9kg, makes it ideal around the garden for collecting grass, leaves and small branches. The bright yellow solid wheel gives the cart an elegant look.

However, there are two main issues with this product. The least serious is the difficulty of following the assembly instructions. It’s probably a good idea to have two people on board for this, and a variety of additional tools would also come in handy. A much bigger problem is the widely reported weakness of the plastic funnel. Minor issues, from cracks and chips to holes that suddenly appear even after light use, suggest that the composition of the plastic leaves a lot to be desired.


  • Budget option at £49.99
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • good looks

the inconvenients:

  • Weaknesses in the drawer area.
  • Thin tubular steel frame
  • It needs to be assembled, which has caused problems for some users.

All plastic container wheelbarrows have a long service life. Prolonged exposure to the elements inevitably makes the material more brittle. That said, a wheelbarrow is an outdoor product and should be quite sturdy. As they say, you get what you pay for!

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