What is the street in the house for: what are its main effects

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There are many plants that are considered plants with magical powers that can cleanse the bad omen from our home. In this case, let’s see what is the use of the street in the house. It is a plant that can be grown in pots and requires some care that we will see in detail.

In this article we will focus on telling you what the street is for in the house, what its features are and what care is needed.


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The rue is one of the most used plants for the cleaning and protection of the house, and esoteric and mystical ensure that it has qualities that They help eliminate bad energies from the environment, which is why we tell you how to clean your house with rue.

Whether the street is feminine or masculine, it is important that you have it in your home, the male should be placed on the left side of the door and the female should be placed on the right side of the door to chase bad energies from your home. .

They say that to plant street at home you have to be in a good mood, otherwise it will block your aura. It must be planted in a pot or in the garden of the house so that the money grows with total comfort, preferably on the left side of the house so that it blocks bad energies, jealousy and even witchcraft.

Don’t worry if your plant dries out, it means it has done its job and absorbed the bad energies in the house. Once it is completely dry, burn the plant and put in a new one.

What is the purpose of the street in the house?

What is the purpose of the street in the house?

A super easy way to eliminate bad energies with rue is to rub with the following mixture:

  • In four liters of water, add cinnamon sticks and rue sticks.
  • It is put on the fire until boiling.
  • Cool and place the rue and cinnamon preparation in a bucket, preventing the rue and cinnamon from going through a sieve.
  • Add water to a bucket or pail and drag it from the deepest part of your house to the entrance. If it is two floors, start with the second floor.
  • When you’re done, pour the rest of the water onto the street in front of the house.
  • If what you are looking for is to get rid of bad energies, you can put a bit of rue on your body.
  • The ceremony, which must take place in underwear, lasts three nights.
  • Another option is to take a bath with rue, boil a little rue in two liters of water, and when ready to strain, add a little baby cologne. These baths should be done at night for three consecutive days.
  • Another way to cleanse your home is to use the rue, passing an incense stick through each room of the house for an energetic cleansing.

Where to place the street

Now that we know what the street is for in the house, let’s see where it should be placed for it to have the best effect. The first thing to keep in mind is to separate the male street from the female. The male street will be placed on the left side of your front door and the female street will be placed on the right side of your front door. You can tell female street by its small yellow flowers and its male rue for its large leaves.

Based on the street tradition of helping to ward off a bad mood or the “evil eye”, many people panic when the plant begins to dry out, but they shouldn’t. When the rue begins to dry up, its benefits are realized, that is, it has absorbed the negativity that is about to enter your home. After it dries, you need to burn it and put another one.

If you have a rue plant and you don’t want it to dry out, you should follow these tips to keep it safe:

  • Get as much natural light as possible and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Water twice a week.
  • Add organic soil.
  • Prune up to 10 cm in winter to stimulate growth.

Four reasons to have the street at home

what is the use of the street in the house

  1. attract capital. A street handful in business portends prosperity and good vibes. The rue must be freshly treated to have a greater effect.
  2. Get a love. If the macho street is mixed with alcohol, one can get a scent to attract the wanted man.
  3. To ward off evil spirits. It has effective power against all kinds of witchcraft, evil eye, negative emotions and jealousy. That’s why it’s important to keep some rue in your bag or purse. If you use the street in the shower, you will break any curses someone has on you.
  4. recovery from illness. Through incense, it relieves pain in the head or neck.

essential care

Rue is a widely used plant in gardening, so there are a number of tips to keep in mind to keep it healthy. The plant should be placed in a place with plenty of natural light, but not in direct sunlight, as it too much sun can damage it, burn its leaves and stems and kill it.

This plant is very sensitive to too low temperatures, so if you live in a cold climate, you must protect it. It has much better hot temperatures and withstands high temperatures better than low ones.

This plant should be watered moderately, no more than twice a week, but be careful with weekly watering because its drought can expose it to pests such as mites or whiteflies. This plant it is best grown in alkaline soil so that it produces more beautiful and healthier flowers. Organic soil can be added and used as a mulch to protect the roots. It’s also a good idea to add some organic or natural compost to the soil from time to time. It is recommended to prune the rue in winter, but no higher than 10 cm from the ground, to stimulate growth. In addition, it can be trimmed to improve its decorative appearance. The main threats to the rue are spider mites, whiteflies and fungi, especially when overwatered.

I hope with this information you can learn more about what the street is for in the house.

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