When and how to prune monstera

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Monstera deliciosa, monstera adansonii, minima… The truth is that the genus is home to some 45 species of plants and is one of the most used to decorate the interior of homes. But, if it is well maintained, it is possible that it grows a lot, and in this sense, do you know how to prune the monstera? And when is it done?

Then we will give you all keys on monstera size, a plant that has been part of the usual houseplants since the 60s due to its leaves.


Reasons to Prune Monstera

monstera leaves

If you have a monstera at home, you’ll know that year after year it has grown (or will if you just bought it). This means that there will come a time when the space you had determined for it will become too small because the plant will demand more. And more and more.

For this reason, one of the main reasons monstera pruning is done is to contain their growthwhich saves you from always having to move it to a bigger place or not being able to have it inside the house.

Another reason the monstera is pruned is to reproduce it. When the specimen is large enough and there is also the possibility that we have another plant identical to the first (which may have done us good), we always try it, and the truth is that it is easy to reproduce by taking cuttings.

When do you prune the monstera

jar of monstera deliciosa

If you have a monstera and it is growing vigorously, you should consider pruning it. But if he hasn’t grown much, or rather if he’s immobile, it’s better not to touch it, without even thinking that it can help him become more active. In fact, if you cut it, the plant may take much longer to grow.

On the one hand, you have this signal. But, and when to do it?

In the case of monsters, the best time to prune them is in the spring. But when it’s cool, that is, not when the heat has completely entered. That said, among the spring months, it is always better to wait until the middle of the season, where the cold is not so strong and the heat begins to tighten.

Plus, there’s another reason to wait for this station, and that’s the cuttings hold much better because the plant itself is already active and by cutting it that part of it can be kept active, which will help it to take root and even grow faster in the same year.

How to prune the monstera

trim monstera leaves

Next, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about monstera pruning. It is a fairly easy activity which, if the plant is healthy and active, will not be a problem for you and in return you will make two or more “children” of it to continue enjoying it.

what tools are needed

The first step to pruning is to get all the tools and accessories needed to make it.

One of the first you must have is thick gloves or gardening gloves. But protect yourself well. So if you don’t have one, better get some before you start.

The reason is simple: monsteras, when you cut them, secrete sap and it’s not only poisonous for children and animals, but in contact with your skin, it can cause you problems. It is therefore better to prevent than to deal with this situation.

The next tool you need is gardening scissors. Make sure of two things: first, that they are pointed so as not to damage the plant too much; and two, that they are clean. If you do not know, you will have to try to cut, for example, a piece of paper or a piece of fabric and take a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and pass it respectively through the blades.

observe the plant

If this is the first time you are going to prune the monstera, it is important that observe the plant carefully and mark (can be with string or marker) sections What do you want to do

This way, you’ll be on the safe side because you’ll know which branches to cut and which leaves to remove, or even which stems are causing or may cause problems.

Keep in mind why you are pruning. If it is to reduce its size, you will have to cut these leaves largeras well as problematic stems that prevent the plant from developing small leaves well.

If what you want is make cuttings, then you will have to see which branches are suitable to get them (normally under nodes or in areas where it has aerial roots because in contact with the ground the roots will grow much faster).

pruning time

Now that you know what you’re going to cut, you need to start doing it. You have to be careful because pruning is one of the monstera’s most stressful activities you should therefore do this without too many cuts or pulls (so the scissors should be very sharp).

start to dry or weak leaves and stems, also for those who die, because there will be no way to save them. Of course, make sure the cut you give her is diagonally and just below the knots so she straightens out much faster.

Then you can proceed to the branches and leaves from which you want to take cuttings for, finally, those which do not serve you or which are too large.

Your monstera after pruning

Once cut, it will be very pretty, but the plant will be very sensitive and stressed since it’s a moment he doesn’t like at all.

Therefore, we recommend that you leave it alone for a few days. Don’t think about transplanting it after pruning (or before) because it will not suit you. You have to wait for him to get strong again to do it (if he needs to).

As you can see, monstera pruning doesn’t have much science, and it does have patience. If you do it right, and don’t subject it to drastic pruning, chances are it will succeed without slowing its growth and you will enjoy it for a long time. Have you ever pruned a monstera? How was it?

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