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One of the most beautiful places to see is in the fall, when the trees begin to change color. When I go from green to yellow, orange and red, every year I am in awe.

Although they are truly beautiful to look at, it’s only a matter of time before those gorgeous leaves start falling – everywhere!

Your garden, once clean and tidy, can quickly become overgrown and cleaning it up can take a lot of time and a lot of backbreaking raking.

Using a leaf blower can go a long way in keeping your garden clean. You will find that leaf blowers remove these leaves quickly.

Are Corded Leaf Blowers Worth It? I think she. Although we all want to enjoy the gardens and love being among the plants, I feel exhausted from sweeping up mountains of endless leaves.

Let’s talk about corded leaf blowers and their value. You can find different types in the market. Leaf blowers are gas-powered, battery-powered, and electric. They also come in portable units and backpacks.

Some are even mounted on wheels so they can be pulled or pushed. Depending on the amount of work you have and your own level of fitness, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Are Corded Leaf Blowers Worth It?

A man with a leaf blower.There are definite advantages to a corded leaf blower. Perhaps most importantly, you have a constant power supply that will last as long as you need it.

As long as you have an outlet near where you want to blow the leaves, this is one of the best types of leaf blowers.

You don’t need to be ready with a charged battery and fuel to go to work. Just plug in your blazer and go!

There are also no heavy batteries to carry around, so they tend to be lighter than battery-powered ones.

While many people may find that having a corded leaf blower limits their freedom of movement and the distance they can travel, you will find them ideal for any small yard or area around the house. .

Although a decent extension cord may cost you some initial money, it is worth it due to the lighter weight of the leaf blower.

When you’re done blowing or vacuuming the leaves, simply wrap the strap and it’s ready for the next use.

How many types of blazers are there?

There are therefore different types of leaf blowers:

  • wireless
  • with cord
  • Gasoline
  • Portable – corded, cordless or gas-powered
  • backpack style
  • walk behind style

If you need that extra feature, some leaf blowers have a suction feature where you don’t blow the leaves, but you can suck them out of the bag.

This is an ideal feature if you plan to use fallen leaves to add to your compost pile.

The blower’s suction feature also shreds leaves so they can be easily added to the compost. If you want to know more about it, read our article on: What is the best cordless garden vacuum?

Are corded leaf blowers better than cordless?

As long as they are plugged in, your corded leaf blower will run at constant power. You will notice that compared to a battery-powered leaf blower, these are also a bit cheaper and often lighter.

A corded leaf blower has the advantage of being able to use it when it suits you, rather than having the battery charged and ready.

Charging the battery can take up to five hours and can be expensive to replace.

Corded blowers require less maintenance than other types, which is good news for busy gardeners.

Is an electric leaf blower better than a gas leaf blower?

When we compare corded leaf blowers to gas-powered leaf blowers, we find that budget, speed, and comfort all play a role in the choice.

A good corded leaf blower is just as powerful as any other gas leaf blower and gets the job done at about the same time as a gas leaf blower.

An obvious advantage is that you never have to carry around a gas canister or go to a gas station to refill your canister when you need to blow some leaves. Many people prefer not to store fuel on site in the event of a fire.

Corded leaf blowers have an advantage over gas-powered ones because they are always quieter than gas-powered ones.

They don’t cause pollution and are generally lighter to use, with no added gasoline to carry. This makes lace-up blazers more manageable.

In some neighborhoods, smoke from a gas blower is not allowed. It can also affect people with respiratory problems, so a corded leaf blower is a much better option.

Gas blowers make a lot of noise. If you have one, you may need to check the leaf blowing hours in your community, as some prohibit it in the early morning to reduce noise.

Corded leaf blowers require less maintenance than gas leaf blowers and are generally much lighter, allowing them to last longer. The medium drawstring blazer weighs around 10 pounds.

The price difference may sway your decision, with a gas-powered leaf blower between $35 and $150 and a corded leaf blower between $30 and $110.

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Do electric leaf blowers use a lot of electricity?

Do electric leaf blowers use a lot of electricity? This is a very valid question. You will notice that your electric leaf blower consumes 1200 watts at full power.

There are smaller models that come into play in the 7 amp range with more powerful models up to 12 amps.

Take care of yourself and your neighbors

Ear protection

Be sure to wear some sort of earmuffs. Although a remote leaf blower may not sound too loud, constant noise while operating can harm your hearing.

So definitely invest in a leaf blower that scores “good or less” on the noise test at ear level.

Dust mask and safety glasses

This is especially important, as debris can and will fly around you. A certain amount of dust is also stirred up when blowing, which can bother people with respiratory problems.

Keep your pets away

Animals, especially dogs, can be curious about new machines and will want to investigate. Flying debris can hurt them and end up with an avoidable vet bill.

Stick to “polite” hours

Most communities have times when excessive noise is not permitted. Make sure you know when they are near you and avoid blowing or sucking on the leaves during this time.

Normally these hours are very early in the morning and late in the day.

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Are there any downsides to a corded leaf blower?

The only downside to this type of blower may be that you will still need an extension cord attached to the blower and plugged in.

This will give you about 100 feet of blowing distance, which in most cases should be enough to create a small garden and area outside your home.


  • Lighter than other varieties.
  • Cheaper than most others
  • Does not require fuel to operate
  • No heavy battery required
  • It is environmentally friendly as there is no smoke or fumes.
  • Easier to start than gas-powered blowers
  • Less vibration so easier on the wrists and shoulders when in use

the inconvenients

  • You may need to unplug the cord and move it to another outlet if you are blowing leaves around the house.

When is the best time to buy a corded leaf blower?

Although you may be obsessed with all the leaves in and around your garden, there is evidence that leaf blowers tend to go on sale after the leaves have dropped.

In fact, during the sales period, you might be able to buy a new leaf blower for half price!

While it’s not always in your best interest to wait until after leaf season, it’s worth considering purchasing your corded leaf blowers because of the amount of money you can save.

final thoughts

For any garden where there are trees, you will inevitably find that you have to rake them. They may not even come from your trees, but from an adjacent garden.

Either way, you’ll want to pluck the leaves before they become a place for insects and even rats to settle.

If you have a leaf with a bottom bead, you will keep your garden and surrounding area cleaner and pest free. Leaf blowers remove excess leaves quickly and the leaves are ideal for adding to your compost pile.

If possible, consider using a corded leaf blower with a vacuum suction feature to avoid having to throw away leaves after dropping them in a pile.

Besides having to plug in an extension cord, a corded leaf blower only benefits from keeping your home and yard neat and tidy.

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