Black coves: meaning, what they are and care

The black creeks are very particular

We generally love flowers for their beautiful appearance and bright, striking colors. However, there are also some with black petals, as is the case with black calla lilies. Such a peculiar color and normally associated with death and darkness, it is quite shocking when seen in a flower. Therefore, it is not surprising that black coves and their meaning are linked to several negative aspects. However, we can also highlight some positive symbolism of these flowers.

If you are interested in black coves and their meaning, I recommend that you keep reading. First we will tell you what these flowers are and what care they require. Later We will dig deeper into the symbology associated with them.


What are black coves?

Black cove care is similar to other coves

Before talking about black coves and what they mean, we will first tell you what they are and how to take care of them. Calla lilies are also known as Ethiopian hoop, gannet, or water lily. Due to the delicacy of this vegetable, it has become very popular all over the planet. Calla lilies are vegetables belonging to the Araceae family. They come from tropical regions, but today they are also found in other warmer places.

This perennial herbaceous species can reach a height of between sixty centimeters and one meter. The size it will reach will mainly depend on the care we provide.. On some occasions it may happen that it does not even reach sixty centimeters in height. When this happens, the creeks are called dwarf creeks because they have not fully developed.

It should be noted that these plants do not have a stem. Leaves and flowers do not need it, since they arise directly from the rhizome. The shape they have is wide at the ends and flared, with a point pointing downwards. Usually the female flowers are located below, while the male flowers are above. Calla lily flowers are usually funnel-shaped and They are distinguished by the pleasant fragrance they give off. It is for this reason that they are very popular plants among florists.

As for the black color of these flowers, it originated in Mexico the same way so many other calla lily colors were achieved. You are probably wondering how. As well, it is a process that includes the grafting of berries or rhizomes. Thanks to various combinations, flowers of different colors were obtained, including black.

How to take care of the black calla?

Knowing a little more about the black coves, we will comment on their care. Despite its color, the needs it has are very similar to other types of cleats. Let’s see what they are:

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  • Location: It needs shade, but perceives sunlight. It is best to avoid exposure to strong winds.
  • Temperature: It tolerates high temperatures very well, but it does not survive the winter fairies. During the colder months, it is best to have it indoors.
  • Earth: Especially if the calla is in a pot, it is important that the soil is well nourished. For this, it is best to use organic compost.
  • Irrigation: The soil should always be moist, but it should not be flooded.

As for creek pests and diseases, they are usually caused mainly by insects. Among the most common pests are the red spider mite, aphid and scale insect. It is quite difficult for coves to end up suffering from a disease. If we see symptoms, chances are we caused them ourselves through poor care.

What is the meaning of black coves?

Black coves and their meaning are often associated with negative aspects

Now that we know a bit more about these particular flowers, let’s comment on the meaning of black calla lilies. It is usually a plant associated with those with dark humor and those who are extremely negative in all respects. The latter are often able to leave everything and are often suicidal, as they tend to see the world as a dark place. It is therefore important that we consider this meaning if we are considering giving someone a black cove, as the connotations it entails are not at all positive. Regarding the application of this vegetable, it is usually used to decorate gardens and for hydroponics.

negative direction

Apart from the meanings we have mentioned so far, there are other negative aspects related to black coves. These flowers are usually related to people who do not find their place in the world, who are not well at all. It is also associated with those people who can commit violent acts to free themselves from their suffering, from their life. It should be noted that black creeks are used for people who have bad sweat and bad breath. Another group of people related to these vegetables are the resentful of life and, as a result, exhibits a considerable amount of anger. It must be said that the black handles are laxative flowers which allow the drainage of the density.

positive sense

While it is true that black coves and their meaning are often associated with quite negative aspects, there are also positive aspects to consider. It can therefore be said that these flowers illuminate both events and days. They also say they help to recognize demons and monsters in people. In addition, they are a great help to find the smile, facilitating the acceptance of the path to follow. It should be noted that these plants are a good gift for people who tend to blame others for everything that goes wrong.

In conclusion we can say that the black coves and their meaning are not very well seen, probably because of the particular color of their petals. But that is precisely why they are very striking plants, even if they do not appeal to everyone.

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