Garden shredder buying guide

Garden shredder buying guide

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s business. And when you have a garden to take care of, it is important to buy compost that nourishes the plants. But, why instead of buying it don’t you? The only thing you will need is a wood chipper.

If you were thinking of doing it or have just done it, here we are going to show you a machine selection and we’ll give you the keys you’ll need to look at when getting one. Are we going to continue?


Top 1. The best garden shredders


  • Composed by two reversible special steel blades.
  • Safety seal on the hopper.
  • Easy to transport in the garden thanks to its wheels.

the inconvenients

  • To make a lot of noise.
  • With thick branches it is very difficult, or they stop the machine.

Selection of wood chippers

If this first pick isn’t for you, take a look at these others that might be more suitable for you with more options.

SuperHandy garden shredder

With a power of 2400W this garden shredder is one of the easiest to use. He has a ergonomic design and a push paddle to prevent accidents. In addition, it has an overload switch.

IKRA electric knife grinder

It has an engine 2500W of power and is capable of breaking branches up to 45mm. It has wheels to be able to move it wherever you want and a 45 liter collection bag to be able to throw the waste it crushes into it.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 – Shredder, cardboard

With a Power 2000W this shredder is able to shred fairly quickly and accurately thanks to the blades.

It has a light and manageable weight.

BLACK+DECKER BEGAS5800 Electric Wood Chipper

It is a powerful bioshredder capable of shredding branches up to 45 mm. He has a 45 liter tank to store waste.

It has a power of 2800W and is quite quiet. It also avoids jams when inserting the branches.

Forest Master Gasoline Chipper

In this case, we are talking about a petrol-powered garden shredder capable of cutting branches up to 50 mm. He has a 4-stroke, twin-blade LCT engine. His weight is 38 kilos.

How to choose a garden shredder?

Buying a wood chipper seems easy. But in reality it’s not that much. Especially since you can buy one and end up leaving it in a corner of the house because it doesn’t suit you.

Since we don’t want this to happen to you,How about taking a look at some of the key features to consider? We present them below.

Electric or petrol?

The first decision you will need to make is whether to buy an electric or gas-powered machine. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and what we recommend choosing one or the other is the use you are going to give it. If you are going to use it a lot, it is possible that the gasoline, you get something cheaper. But if you only use it sporadically and have somewhere to plug it in, opt for electrical ones.

power and weight

Another important factor is the power and weight of the machine. In this case, diesels are the heaviest but also the ones that will give you the most power compared to electric ones, which will be easier to handle, but take longer to do what a gasoline one does.


What about noise? If it is too noisy a machine, it will be difficult for you to start it so as not to hear it. And if you have to work with it a lot, you may end up with a headache. It is therefore an important factor to use it well (and above all that it does not bother you).

However, keep in mind that almost all of them will make noise. It only remains to know which does the most and which the least.


The vast majority of garden shredders you will find on the market have a price above 100 euros. Only in offers or with a medium or low quality machine can you find cheaper ones, but they normally exceed this price.

Or buy?

buy a wood chipper

You already have more clarity about the points to take into account when buying a garden shredder. But now it’s time to figure out where you’re going to buy it.

We have analyzed some of the the most searched stores to acquire this item and this is what we find:


As always, Amazon is our first option because it is one of the pages where you will find more models and price variation between them. It is true that they do not have as many in the catalog as other products, but those that they have allow them to satisfy a large number of customers.

Of course, we recommend that you carefully check the price (in case there are cheaper ones elsewhere) and the guarantee they offer you.


The next store where you might shop is the Bauhaus, where you have a special category with garden shredders of multiple shapes and both electric and petrol. Of course, in terms of price you will not find below 100 euros.


In this store we couldn’t find a wood chipper and we don’t know if they can be found physically in stores, so you should check if they have it or not.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin you will find a specific category for garden shredders, where you will have both petrol and electric. In fact, you can choose to learn just one.

Now well, they don’t have as many items as you might like (gasoline has 7 while electricity has only 5). The prices are not bad considering that it is a product that is well over 100 euros.


The garden shredder from Lidl is very economical and easy to use, like almost all. But it is true that here the low price prevails more. Now well, you will only find one model, there are no more, and this allows or not to adapt to what we are looking for.

thousand announcements

Another option you can consider for buying garden shredders is Mille Ads. In this page New and used parts are for sale. It is important that you know how to choose which would be the best option and that you contact this seller to agree on the price and time of delivery. Of course, check that he’s okay on all sides if you see him in person, because in photos he might be “retouched” or masking any issues he has.

Do you already know which garden shredder you are going to buy?

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