How and when to plant tomatoes

The tomato is one of the most cultivated vegetables in gardens, also because it is among the most used on the table. In the Mediterranean diet, the tomato is often eaten fresh in salads, but it is especially essential in Italian cuisine in the form of a sauce: to season pasta and on pizza.

This vegetable grows in a fairly demanding nightshade in terms of nutrients, temperatures and sun exposure. This is why it is important how to plant tomatoes at the right time so that they find the best climate to bring the fruit to maturity.

In the Orto Da Coltivare it is therefore necessary study the planting operation well , go and see everything in detail: how to do the work, at what time and with what moon phase to do it and what distances to keep between sowing. Those who wish to continue the debate on this culture can read the tomato cultivation guide, which explains how to grow the plant and protect it from adversity with organic methods.

Contents [Ocultar]

  • When to plant tomatoes

    • Sow in the seedbed

  • How to plant tomatoes

  • Buy or breed seeds

  • The moon phase during sowing

  • Sixth planting: distances between plants

  • Planting bed: soil preparation

  • After sowing in the nursery: transplanting


When to plant tomatoes

The ideal form of sembrar el tomato is to hold a temperature of little more than 20 degrees, to ensure a good increase in the plant that ensures that our sufra nunca el frío: así to avoid that the temperature low of los 12 degrees included during the night. This means that if we wanted to plant tomatoes directly in the field, we had to wait until April, in some regions even until May.

seeds in the seedbed

Planting can be anticipated if planted in a protected seedbed, gaining a few months. The appropriate period for sowing is February or March, to then transplant to the garden once the seedling has developed and especially when the temperatures remain stable above 10/12 degrees. Anticipating planting is very convenient as it lengthens the production period of the crop, thus increasing the harvest.

How to plant tomatoes

Tomato seed is very small: in each gram of seed there are about 300 seeds, so it should be placed shallow in the ground and it is better to plant more than one seed in each pot or on each post.

field planting . If you want to put the seeds directly in the field and avoid having to move the plant, you will need to prepare a fine, level seedbed, where you can bury the seeds shallowly (about half a centimeter), arranged according to the chosen planting scheme. . Planting this culture in the garden can be suitable only for those who grow in areas with a very mild climate, on the coast and in southern Italy, where the whole month of March is cold, it is better to use the seedbed.

Sowing in the nursery . The advantage of the nursery is the possibility of anticipating the time of sowing even in two months, in addition, the transplanting of seedlings already born avoids the risk of leaving empty spaces in the rows of the garden, in case some seeds do not not germinate. This vegetable is planted using honeycomb containers or jars, to be filled with soil suitable for planting, possibly enriched with earthworm humus. The seed is placed on the surface and covered with a veil of earth, then lightly compacted by pressing the earth with your fingertips.

Whether planted outdoors or in the nursery, it is important to water immediately, and also daily the following days: as long as the plant has not developed its root system, it should never lack water.

Buy or breed seeds

Those who want to grow tomatoes can choose between reproducing the seeds of their own crops from year to year or obtaining them from other growers through the exchange of seeds or buying them. If you must buy some, I advise you to choose certified organic seeds and avoid choosing F1 hybrid varieties (you can read more about what hybrid seeds are).

There are many varieties of tomatoes, it is better to choose old or resistant to adversity, which are most suitable for the organic garden. At Orto Da Coltivare you can find an article that tells you about excellent tomato varieties.

Collecting the seeds from the fruit is simple, they must then be left to dry to obtain them for the following year. Keep in mind that the seeds are not inert but are living matter, they must be carefully stored away from moisture and heat, if not sown in the year they will age . Tomato seed has a good germination time and can be stored for four to five years.

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