Top 5 Best (Real) Irrigation Controllers in 2022

irrigation programmer

Super practical, especially in case of absence!

With many parameters or with several circuits, I invite you to discover my selection of best irrigation controllers what can you find!

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flexible planter

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

gardena flex sprinkler timerThe irrigation programmer that meets all expectations! Gardena Flex makes it easy to care for flowers and plants on the balcony or terrace, even for long periods. It offers a wide variety of cycles, with frequencies ranging from every 4 hours to every 72 hours, and with run times from just 1 second to 99 minutes. These very short cycles are also perfect for simulating a drip for potted plants. Hyper intuitive, it has a rotary wheel that allows you to select the desired program on the LCD screen and buttons to confirm or cancel. 100% waterproof and battery-powered, it also knows how to be practical because it does not prevent manual watering: it is not necessary to unscrew it to fill a bucket with water.

My opinion : The Gardena Flex had no problem becoming my favorite model: design, programming, use… it ticks absolutely all the boxes! I found it very easy to use, very simple to set up, and being able to run it for just a second is a real bonus that few devices offer. Combined with an automatic or even oscillating sprinkler, you can also use it for much more than plants on your terrace: your beds will not suffer during the summer, even if you have gone on vacation! Like most of the brand’s devices, you can even use it with a soil moisture sensor to optimize watering frequency. It’s really great and I recommend it without hesitation!

rated 4.5 out of 5

Gardena MultiControl Duo

Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

gardena multicontrol duo watering timerTo water two different areas of the garden! If the beds in front and behind the house need a little water, Gardena MultiControl Duo is the solution. In fact, it is equipped with two outputs, which are also independently programmable if the irrigation should not be the same. On the control panel (removable to facilitate its use) also the permit to configure hasta 3 cycles per day, with a duration that goes from 1 minute to 3:59 and with a frequency cada 8/12/24 hours or incluso cada 2/3 or 7 days . As a result, the possibilities are numerous and the programming very simple thanks to the explanations present directly on the screen, step by step. Note that the device can also be combined with a rain gauge and a humidity sensor to save money and avoid unnecessary watering.

My opinion : If an irrigation circuit is not enough to maintain your garden, in this case I advise you to take an interest in this Gardena MultiControl Duo. With its independent schedules, you can schedule waterings at different times and never lose pressure. But this is not the only element that made me appreciate this model: true to itself, the brand offers a console that is super easy to understand, whether in its readability or in the handling of the programs. Even switching to manual mode is simple, so you don’t have to delete the entire configuration to continue using your garden hose freely. It may seem a bit expensive, but it is of excellent quality and does its job very well!

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

garden irrigation programmerThe Jardibric is a watering programmer which differs from its competitors by the presence of 4 independent circuits, enough to irrigate 4 different areas of the garden. Easy to attach to the tap, it offers an easily understandable programmer where it is possible to manage the start and the duration of the watering according to the needs. It is possible, for example, to operate these channels for only a few seconds or several tens of minutes (from 5 seconds to 60 minutes), at rapid frequencies (every 30 seconds) or at much longer intervals (up to 1 week). And in addition to a timer function (from 1 minute to 2 hours later), it also has a sleep function for up to 3 days. It has been designed in every way to ensure the perfect health of plants, flowers, lawns and orchards at all times.

My opinion : Do you need an even more versatile solution, to irrigate large areas but also drip? With the Jardibric and its 4 tracks, you must be satisfied! With this model, there is no need to go through dividers: it alone offers different circuits to meet all requirements. What I liked most about this device is that, despite its many outputs, everything is easily programmable and you can’t miss it. Each has its own button and can be closed at will, and despite the screen looking a bit basic at first glance, it’s very useful and perfectly clear. I admit, all in yellow like that, it’s not the most discreet nor the most elegant timer, but to manage watering, it’s very effective and that’s what counts!

rating 4 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Kazeila Watering TimerWith this Kazeila, programming the watering of the garden becomes easily accessible! Every hour or once every 15 days, for only 1 second or for 300 minutes, its parameters are numerous for great flexibility. Customization is also done on an extra large screen to see all the data at a glance. Intelligent, it also has several additional functions, such as the rain mode, which allows you to interrupt the watering in progress to avoid excess water and save money in the process, or the manual mode, which allows you to ‘use the pipe without endangering the put the program. square. It is also 100% waterproof and is responsible for optimizing the life of the 2 AA batteries required for its operation. It automatically goes into standby after 30 seconds for an autonomy that easily reaches 6 months.

My opinion : The watering timer offered here by Kazeila is, in my opinion, one of the best quality/price ratios that can be found on the market. Much cheaper than a Gardena, it has no problem competing with it. In particular, it has one of the most desirable features, which is watering for just one second, and everything about its design makes it a pleasure to use. Its large screen is very practical and, in addition, you do not have to worry about getting lost in the menus: the programming is very intuitive, setting by setting, to obtain exactly the irrigation you want. I also didn’t notice any leaks during installation. I can therefore only recommend it: it is also a very good option!

rated 3.5 out of 5

garden timer

Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

Gardena sprinkler timerThe irrigation programmer in all its simplicity! The Gardena timer not only ensures that you don’t waste too much water, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy a little more free time. As its name suggests, it works with a timer system: once connected to the tap and with the hose connected to it, it allows you to choose the duration of the water flow, for 5 minutes or up to at 120 minutes. So it is possible to start watering the garden, the flowerbeds or even the lawn, do something else while waiting with the certainty that it will stop properly. Setting the time is also child’s play since all you have to do is turn the dial. Thanks to its continuous flow mode, it is also not necessary to remove it to freely enjoy the garden hose.

My opinion : As you can see, the Gardena Timer isn’t really a watering timer: it’s impossible to turn it on once you’ve gone on vacation, for example. But although it only has a simple timer function, it is still very practical. Thanks to it, you can start watering without worrying about forgetting to stop it. What I liked about this little device is that it is also very easy to use: the rotation of its wheel is super intuitive to choose the operating time, it does not prevent you from switching to classic irrigation that you manage yourself and unlike all the other models in this selection, is entirely mechanical and therefore does not need batteries to operate. If you are looking for a simple and cheap solution, this is the right alternative!

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