The 5 (real) best pool sand pumps in 2022

swimming pool sand pump

For water without impurities!

When we talk about a sand pump, we are obviously referring to the filter inside it, which is one of the most widespread and popular, since it can last up to 5 years.

Depending on the size of your pool and your means, here is my selection of The best sand pumps for swimming pools. !

What is the best pool sand pump in 2022?

  1. Bestway Flowclear – My favorite high performance filter (5500 l/h)

  2. Intex clear glass – Ultra powerful, for any above ground pool (10500 l/h)

  3. Steinbach quick cleaning – good value for money (4,500 l/h)

  4. Monzana – A good option for large pools (10,200 l/h)

  5. arebos – Economical, sufficient for small pools (6 to 10 m3)

rating 5 out of 5


Bestway FlowClear

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

bestway flowclear pool sand pumpPerfectly clean water guaranteed! This Bestway Flowclear sand filter pump is ideal for equipping most garden pools since, thanks to its excellent flow rate which reaches 5678 l/h, it is suitable for water flows ranging from 1100 L to 39 L/h. m³. Highly efficient, it is able to collect the greatest amount of dirt in its removable basket and has a stainless steel tank, which only increases its lifespan. Easy to handle and use, thanks in particular to the presence of a 6-way valve, it also has an easy-to-read pressure gauge and benefits from a timer that allows precise adjustment of cleaning periods. . Finally, it can be filled with sand and also with filter beads, which are not included.

My opinion : My favorite of all the sand bombs I’ve had the chance to try! This Bestway Flowclear has everything going for it: it’s powerful, it’s qualitative and it comes at a fairly decent price considering its features. What I especially appreciated was the great freedom offered by its good flow rate: whether you have a small pool at home or have taken advantage of a larger model, you will have no problem keeping your water so that it always remains clear. . As well as working optimally, I also found it to be quite quiet and that’s a real plus for quiet relaxation if you want it. Whether you have a Bestway pool or not, I would definitely recommend it!

rating 5 out of 5

Intex clear glass

Editor’s note: 5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

intex krystal clear pool sand pumpOne of the most powerful on the market! The Intex Krystal Clear has been equipped with a powerful motor that allows it to be combined with any above-ground pool on the market: with a water circulation capacity of 8,000 l/h and a capacity of pumping 10,500 l/h, it can manage several tens of m³. Thanks to its 6-way valve, it also offers the possibility of changing the operating mode as needed (classic filtration, washing, rinsing, evacuation, etc.). In addition to its manometer and its digital display, it is very easy to program so that it starts when necessary and during a defined time slot. Offering a high quality of filtration, it is also delivered with the 2 necessary pipes (a first for the suction and a second for the discharge of the water).

My opinion : With this Intex Krystal Clear we are a bit at the top of the range in terms of sand pumps for above ground pools! In addition to being endowed with an excellent manufacturing quality, it is extremely efficient and few other models manage to reach this threshold of 10m³ of water pumped per hour. Whatever the size of your pool, it is ideal for keeping water clean and in which you will want to swim! What is significant is that at this price the brand also supplies the hoses, although it could have managed to also supply adapters for pools that do not come from it. It is not noisy, easy to program and above all very efficient, and it is also a model that you can choose with your eyes closed!

rating 4 out of 5

Steinbach Quick Clean

Editor’s note: 4 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

steinbach speedclean swimming pool sand pumpWith filter balls included! The Steinbach SpeedClean is a sand pump that does not do things by halves since it comes with a 100% complete filtration system, ready to use right out of the box. Compatible with all types of garden pools (even those above ground that opt ​​for salt water up to 5 g/l), it is capable of containing up to 19,000 liters thanks to a circulation capacity of 3,900 l/h and a pumping capacity of 4,500 l/lh It is also equipped with a 7-way valve which allows it to offer much more than just filtration: it can also be used to wash and rinse the filter and even facilitates the emptying of the pool (drainage water without the passage of sand or balls). ).

My opinion : If you are looking for a high-performance sand filter pump, with a good flow rate and displayed at an affordable price, then this Steinbach SpeedClean should interest you! In my opinion, this is one of the best value for money you can find, especially since it even comes with filter balls when most brands usually don’t provide anything. With its maintenance capacity of 19m³, it is more than enough for most freestanding pools. Some buyers seem to complain of minor issues, but I couldn’t find any on the model I was able to test. It’s even quite nice not having to replace a clogged filter every week! The flow is certainly less constant, but if it suits your installation, you can definitely opt for this machine.

rated 4.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 4.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

monzana swimming pool sand pumpDesigned to equip large swimming pools as well as aquatic basins! The Monzana sand filter pump is capable of pumping up to 10,200 liters of water per hour, enough to provide the high flow rate essential for large volumes of water. Efficient, it also gains in versatility thanks to its 4-way valve which, in addition to filtration, allows the filter to be cleaned and rinsed, offering a winter position (recommended when the pool is not in use). For permanently clear water, it has a capacity of approx. 25 L and can be filled with 20 kg of filter sand. Please note that it can also be used with filter balls or even a glass filter, but none of its filtration methods are included.

My opinion : A good alternative to the Intex if you have a large swimming pool at home! If I wanted to present this Monzana to you, it is because it is another sand pump that reaches 10,000 liters per hour and is offered at a slightly lower price. For these few tens of euros less, it will above all be necessary to sacrifice the 6-way valve: with this one, it is impossible to access a quick drain. But for the rest, it offers and has all the interesting features (such as the possibility of programming operating time slots) while offering good performance. It is also easy to assemble and install (provided you have all the elements not supplied, such as the pipes for example). It might be a little loud, but it makes up for it by being stylish enough if you can’t hide it. Good choice !

rated 3.5 out of 5


Editor’s note: 3.5 / 5 | Reward : See the price on Amazon

arebos swimming pool sand pumpThe pleasure of bathing in germ-free, bacteria-free and impurity-free water! The Arebos pump facilitates the maintenance of above-ground and even in-ground swimming pools thanks to its simplicity of operation and above all the possibility of connecting it to a sand filter. Although it already has an integrated filtration unit, with a basket with a transparent lid that can also be removed very easily for cleaning and emptying, it allows to have a complete system that requires little or no maintenance (the machine can be rinsed with clear water and the effectiveness of the sand lasts up to 5 years). At the same time, it is equipped with a superior quality motor which has the advantage of being as efficient as it is silent, enough to enjoy a real moment of relaxation in all circumstances.

My opinion : In the category of inexpensive sand filter pumps, this Arebos is the one that convinced me the most. So yes, for this low price, the sand or bead filter tank is not included, but you may also be interested if you already have one and just need to replace your newly cored pump. If this one still does better with small pools, then you don’t have to be ashamed of its performance either, especially since it’s easy to install and I confirm that it’s not noisy, which is always a real plus. Depending on your needs and if you are obviously not too picky, it can work!

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